Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Can We Drive on Solar Panels?

In science class today, we were talking about solar energy and the important role that it can play in fighting back against global warming.  

What I learned, though, is that even though enough sunlight lands on the earth every minute to power the entire world for a year, we don’t catch or convert very much of that sunlight into electricity.  

That got me thinking that we need to find creative ways to catch as much energy as we can.  

One idea that I had was that we should create super durable solar panels that can be driven on and then install those panels into every parking lot.  Think about how cool that would be.  There are parking lots EVERYWHERE -- and most of them are uncovered and hit by sunlight all day long.  If we turned them into drivable solar panels, we’d catch lots of energy.  

I want to do some research on solar panels to see how durable they are.