Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How To Shoot A Slap Shot

In hockey the slap shot is the hardest and most powerful shot but at the same time, is the hardest to shoot.  When I take a slap shot I usually push the puck up a little bit farther than my front foot. I do this to get more power on my shot.  

 Almost every person who takes a slap shot follows through because that is the key to getting a powerful shot. Something different from my shot is when I take my shot I usually hit the ice a little bit closer to the puck because it makes it easier to aim the puck.The experts in the video there stick hits the ice a little bit before the puck.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Most Effective Way To study

Digital Portfolio Challenge:  Create a ranked list of three different study strategies.    There are TONS of different steps that students take to study new content.  We use flash cards, online games (think Quizlet or Kahoot), review with study partners, and study guides. List three study strategies that you have used in order from MOST effective to LEAST effective -- and defend your rankings.

The most effective way to study for me is quizlet. Quizlet helps me remember terms in a unit and makes it easier for me on the test. When you don't know the vocabulary it makes the test harder. For example if there was a test and a question you didn't understand, using quizlet I remember all of the words. In science we had a unit test and I used the quizlet and managed to get a A on a hard unit test.

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My second most effective method to study is Socrative. Socrative helps me because it is like a real test, it helps you know what you need to work on and what you know. Additionally in Socrative the questions on the practice test are usually similar to the ones on the actual test.

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The least effective way to study for me is Kahoot. Kahoot does not help me study because you have to rush yourself to get more points and when you rush you make silly mistakes that will not help you on the test. Sure kahoot is fun but it does not help me study.

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