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This page is reserved for me to reflect on the things that I am deeply interested in, whether we study them in school or not!  Don't be surprised when you see me writing about what I've learned on a wide range of topics -- from sewing and dancing to current events and world affairs.  I'm interested in a ton of stuff that ISN'T covered on an end of grade exam!

Sixth Grade:

Something that I've been thinking a lot about lately is the impact that veterans have on a country's government and culture.  That's on my mind because my grandfather was a World War II veteran, and he was unlike anyone that I've ever known.  He treated everyone with respect and he acted with honor in every situation.  He also was REALLY proud to be an American and REALLY protective of our country.  I wonder if he learned those things while fighting for our country?  If so, I wonder if other veterans had the same experience.

That might explain why the leaders of our country from earlier times were more likely to be men of honor.  They might have spent more time actually serving our country during dangerous times.  Take George HW Bush, for example.  Before he even became the President, he served our country during World War II as a pilot.  He was a hero and a veteran.  That had to have SOME kind of impact ont he kind of president he was -- and on the willingness of people in America to believe in him.

All this makes me wonder whether or not we should prioritize veterans when we are choosing leaders for our country.  It also makes me wonder whether or not our country is now likely to struggle more because so many of our veterans are senior citizens.  Is a country stronger when it has lots of people who served in the armed forces?

My wonderings about this idea:


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